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Posted by on Nov 19, 2014 in Agent Insight, Featured, From the Blog | 0 comments

Enrollment Crash Course: Why LESS is More in Selling

Enrollment Crash Course: Why LESS is More in Selling

No matter what products you offer, the objective is the same: develop leads and increase overall sales. During enrollment season, when the volume and frequency of individual “sales” from new or renewing plan members is so high, it’s important to keep basic sales techniques in mind. Keeping things simple not only makes your life easier, it makes it easier on your clients and prospects, too.  Less really can be more. One way to try remembering this is by using the acronym L.E.S.S. in your day-to-day enrollment selling.

L. – Listening

The best sales people are often the best listeners. Yes, you are more knowledgeable about your products than your clients are, but diving straight into product details may leave your audience feeling disengaged and like they’re being sold to, not helped. One way to help them see their own needs better is by asking questions. Knowing more about a person’s lifestyle, family, concerns and aspirations for the future can help guide the conversation and leave your clients feeling cared for.

When speaking to a group, it may be difficult to reach each individual’s needs, so try posing thought- provoking questions to the group before describing or explaining each product and how it can help.

E. – Enthusiasm

If you are enthusiastic and believe in the products you offer, others will too. Remember, enthusiasm is not nervous excitement; it is an authentic and eager interest. Showing others the passion you have for the products and plans you offer will help engage them and instill a level of confidence in you and your coverage.

“Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

S. – Solutions

Don’t just try to close sales, offer helpful solutions. By starting your discussion or presentation with thought-provoking questions you open the door to offering solutions, rather than just selling a product. When addressing larger groups, prepare with various examples that speak to your audience and their needs. This allows the group to envision the usefulness of each product.

S. – Simplicity

Insurance benefits and language can be cumbersome, which may make your job more challenging. Knowing your audience and their needs allows you to relate each product to them in a way they can easily understand. This may mean finding a parallel they understand within their company or industry. The more you can simplify the benefits language and tailor your communications, the more success you’ll have.

Talking to the benefits administrator before your enrollment meeting can help you gauge the group’s understanding of their current benefits and their interest in learning more.

A busy enrollment season can be overwhelming. Make sure you’re maximizing your opportunities by remembering L.E.S.S. is more.

What techniques do you use to reach clients and employees during enrollment meetings?

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