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Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in Agent Insight, Featured, From the Blog | 0 comments

Last-Minute Tips to Increase Enrollment Numbers

Last-Minute Tips to Increase Enrollment Numbers

A recent study featured in Employee Benefits News has revealed that 95% of employees are more likely to enroll in benefits they feel familiar with. This may not come as a surprise to you, and most likely you’ve already worked to increase your clients’ familiarity with the products being offered to them. However, even with ongoing benefits communication you may find that a number of your clients remain ill-informed. So what can you do this late in the game to increase enrollment numbers?

Here are four enrollment meeting strategies to catch employees’ attention and increase enrollment:


  1. Start the conversation with something unexpected.

Most people don’t go into an annual enrollment meeting with a lot of excitement. By starting off with a bit of shock value, you can quickly and effectively capture the attention of your audience. This type of start can range from anything from surprising statistics or poignant quotes to a funny, but appropriate, joke.

  1. Be enthusiastic in your presentation of the plans.

You’ve worked hard to offer your clients and their employees the best plan options that fit their needs, now it’s time to show off that hard work. Enthusiasm is contagious, which is one reason it works so well in sales. So don’t be afraid to speak to the group enthusiastically, perhaps pointing out the areas you worked hardest on to get them more for their money.

  1. Ask thought-provoking questions.

Many employees who don’t understand their benefits don’t know where to begin. Rather than telling them plan details, keep meetings interactive. Ask questions about some of details of each plan to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of the need for each product being offered.

  1. Tell a relatable story that shows the need for key products.

All too often, in any meeting, employees’ minds wander. We’ve all been there: important points are being made, but we don’t connect with the topic and lose focus. While you don’t want to drag out the meeting with detailed stories about very specific topics, a quick story that highlights the importance of what is being offered can go a long way.

As a trusted advisor, you’re responsible for making sure your clients have the best plan options available at a price they can afford. More than that, employees may look to you for guidance on their personal finances and well-being. This level of trust makes it important for you to connect with employees at enrollment meetings, so they feel like they can make better decisions about their coverage.

How do you approach enrollment meetings? Are there any tips you would add? Let us know in the comments below.

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