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Posted by on Nov 16, 2016 in Benefits Perspective, Featured, From the Blog | 0 comments

Steps to Themed Benefits Communications

Steps to Themed Benefits Communications

Help Employees Take Advantage of the Benefits They Need

Communication is a vital part of a successful enrollment season. You probably already have a strategy that includes email communication, an open door policy for questions, and perhaps an enrollment meeting led by your broker. All of these are important steps to ensuring your employees have every opportunity to learn about the coverage you’ve worked hard to offer them. Unfortunately, because of time restraints and the sheer volume of benefits, employee communication is delivered in bulk, often leaving employees overwhelmed and perhaps skimming over important details.

Here are a couple of tips to help employees embrace the benefits you offer and get the coverage they need.


Segment Benefits Communication:

Rather than sharing everything at once, break your email communication into themes, or unique subjects. By doing so, you’ll allow employees to see the distinctions in various products, and they can choose to focus on what matters most to them. An email subject line that reads, “Looking to better understand your dental benefits?” is straightforward and simple. A subject line like, “Review Your Benefits before Enrollment” can be off-putting, as it sounds like a lot to cover and isn’t specific to what the employee may be looking for.
Breaking down your communications into themes does not guarantee that every employee will open every email, however it does offer employees the ability to drill down to what they think they need without digging through every product and option you offer.

Use a Consistent Layout:

Once you’ve separated your benefits into different points of communication, it’s always a good idea to make sure that each piece follows a pattern. This doesn’t mean you need to rewrite everything you already have; instead, make sure what’s already written has common headers and layout, and appears in a consistent order. This way employees will know where to find the details they’re looking for no matter which email or benefit they’re looking at.

Explore Multiple Lines of Communication:

Email communication is a quick and efficient means of reaching employees; however emails can also be easily buried and forgotten before they’re even opened. In order to give employees the opportunity to explore their benefits on their own time, having both printed and digital versions of benefits available prior to enrollment gives employees the ability to look into their coverage options at their convenience.
Leveraging these three strategies will help ensure that your employees have a productive and satisfying enrollment experience, which means the coverage and rates that you’ve worked hard to provide will be more likely to be seen, used and appreciated!

Have you leveraged benefits by theme before? Let us know how it’s worked for you!

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