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Posted by on Jan 27, 2016 in Agent Insight, Featured, From the Blog | 0 comments

Tips for An Easier Enrollment Season

Tips for An Easier Enrollment Season

Whew! Enrollment season is finally over, and you made it out alive and (mostly) unscathed! As a health insurance broker, your busiest and most stressful time of the year is probably from August until the end of January. It’s a balancing act to stay on top of tasks and make sure nothing falls through the cracks while you attend employee benefit meetings, open enrollments, and client implementation meetings.

During enrollment season, we know that you are busy and work is intense. Here’s how we helped lighten the workload for brokers enrolling their clients in AlwaysCare products. The following scenarios are based on actual occurrences:

  • A missed group submission.

    Meeting hopping, emails and conference calls take up most of a broker’s day. It’s understandable that shifting priorities can cause a broker to delay submitting the necessary implementation materials for a new group.

    • If you find yourself in a similar position, just breathe. Contact your assigned AlwaysCare account manager or regional sales representative immediately. We issue new groups, on average, within 10 business days upon receiving the required information.
  • No time to prepare and print for an enrollment meeting.

    Although many groups are shifting to online and other forms of paperless enrollments, others still present printed benefit information and collect paper enrollment applications from plan participants. This means brokers need extra time to organize, print, pack, and, potentially, ship enrollment materials.

    • Ask your carrier for help with these face-to-face and print-driven events. At AlwaysCare, one way we make benefits easy for you and your clients is with an assigned account manager. Your account manager can help you prepare for an enrollment meeting with promotional flyers and posters, printed benefit summaries and enrollment forms, email templates, and more. With enough notice, your account manager can print your documents, package giveaways and ship the materials directly to your client for groups of 50 or more eligible employees, saving you time during enrollment preparations.
  • Help with answering the tough questions.

    No matter how long a broker has been in the business, every so often, he will receive a question that tests his confidence, such as a question about portability, takeover or carryover benefits.

    • At AlwaysCare, the account management phone queue exists for this purpose. Even if your account manager is unavailable at the moment to take your call, you will be able to reach another member of the team who can quickly find the answer you’re looking for.
  • The loyal patient and the carrier’s provider network.

    Some patients are extremely loyal to their dentist or eye doctor. These are the employees who will ask during enrollment if their provider participates in the provider network.

    • At AlwaysCare, we are committed to providing our members with access to a large, national network. If the employee’s provider is not in our network, it does not end there. Send us the provider’s information, and we will try our best to recruit him or her. For optimal results, tell the employee to contact the provider directly to let him/her know about the situation and to expect a call from one of our recruiters.
  • An easy solution with the Agent Portal.

    Trying to keep track of your commissions from different groups and carriers can be daunting. Even if your accounting staff or account managers track your commissions, you are still paying resources to collect the information and spend your time reviewing these reports.

    • We provide appointed brokers access to a secure, personalized website that allows you to track all of your AlwaysCare commissions through your agency’s tax ID number. This site also allows you to setup direct deposit for commissions, maintain your current contact information and access marketing documents.

Enrollment season doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Knowing what resources are available to you can help you reach your goals with less stress!

Did we miss anything? We would love to hear from you. Share your enrollment tips in the comments or email us. Learn about becoming an AlwaysCare appointed broker today.

Erica Henry has more than eight years of experience as an AlwaysCare Account Manager, where she has assisted agents and groups with various aspects of their benefits. She is responsible for client relations, communications and account reporting. Erica also provides assistance with open enrollment meetings and service questions.

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